Christmas sewing begins with the ideas

This year was going to be different!!! I would not be finishing up Christmas sewing projects Christmas morning. I would be finished by the end of November. I had a plan. I had a calendar and it had a bunch of days on it until Christmas.

Christmas sewing begins with the ideas, but the physical part starts with a list of recipients. There are generally around 64 of them. These include mothers, sisters and brothers and their children and even grandchildren. The list includes my childrens’ parents-in-laws and neighbors and a few good friends. All in all, it is for too many people, but I can’t help myself.

Sewing Christmas Bags

I figure that if they are just “homemade” things, it doesn’t count as too much. So I make the gifts. I make sure that whatever I am making can be made in bulk but that each gift is individualized to the recipient’s interests. Then I make a schedule in my Christmas book and hopefully I will be able to achieve my goals and my loved ones will have a gift they can cherish forever.

Like every year before, I have been tasked with so many things to do, aside from my Christmas sewing, that I am once again overwhelmed. Wouldn’t life be grand if people would leave us alone to do the thing we love most, SEWING?

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