Adding Grandma Quotes to Quilting

I loved the many “Grandma Quotes” that kept popping up on my wall on Facebook.  They were very cute, sometimes provocative, often irreverent and really pretty funny.  Then I visited a quilt shop with some Grandma quotes printed on muslin.


When a very good friend of mine announced that she was expecting her first granddaughter, I knew just what to make for her.  The problem was figuring out how to mix the muslin in with the beautiful pinks and browns in the nursery decorations.


It didn’t hit me until very much later that with my embroidery machine, I didn’t need to use the muslin.  I could embroider directly on to the cream cotton fabric I really wanted to use.


Sometimes we don’t remember all of our options.  Keeping an open mind and paying attention to our available choices can show us possibilities that far surpass our expectations.

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