Wanting to Express Myself in Quilting

According to Good Morning America (and who knows where they got their information) the average age for a quilter is 55 year old.  However, a large percentage started when they were pregnant and wanted to make a quilt for the new arrival only to revisit the craft later in life.


It is, therefore, no surprise that the Grandma Quilt received such a large amount of attention.  Many women started a quilt for their own babies, but Grandmas usually have more time, money and interest in their progeny receiving their own workmanship.


Grandma quotes fill Facebook newsfeeds.  I found that I couldn’t resist incorporating them into a project.


It is all too true and too much fun.


I know that I was told about the joys of being a grandma, but, no one could have truly made me understand the reality,  I have to experience it myself.


And expressing those feelings through my art is even more fun!

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