There Is Always Room For Embellishments in Quilting

What is it about artists that we just can’t leave good enough alone?

There are some absolutely beautiful fabrics out there that will speak to whatever you are listening to. There are traditional prints, retro prints, contemporary designs, and photo fabrics. Themes include space, flowers, bees, rocks, grass, holidays, cowboys, sewing machines, and even sexy underwear.

Whatever you want to sew about it available. So why is it necessary to take perfectly good patterns and torture them into something completely different.

Because it is possible. Picasso didn’t think that things as common and as ordinary as faces and guitars were beyond his scope of interpretation. So, we won’t be restricted to leaving be gorgeous cranes and chrysanthemums alone.

But, it isn’t just the cutting up and sewing back together in different patterns that can be used as unique expressions. It is also the huge variances in embellishments available to us that can be celebrated.

Let’s spend a bit of time exploring embellishing.

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