Pinwheels Are So Much Fun

Pinwheels are so much fun in a quilt. A traditional 2 dimensional pinwheel can still elicit the emotions of childhood and a carefree day in the sun. OK, maybe I am waxing a bit poetic, but they have that effect on me.

Now to add the extra interest, consider making some of them 3 dimensional. I did this recently for a couple of baby quilts I did. The thought was that

1. They do add extra interest to the pattern. But,

2. As babies are developing their pincer movements, they are looking for things to pinch and brag.

This is an excellent options as they are securely sewn into the quilt and have little danger of being dislodged and choked on (the baby’s other developments stage, putting everything into their mouths.

Click to to check out Moda’s tutorial on pinwheels here

post 3 image

I love that they gave the chance to tweak the design here and there.

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