Organizing Quilting Magazines

From – June 17, 2010

Oh, do I have stacks and stacks of quilting magazines and there they sit in piles. I have quilt design magazines, magazines with lots of quilting patterns I will one day want to use. I have quilting magazines with beautiful art quilts and every day bed quilts. And what a wonderful way to see all of those new fabrics! Do you think that I can access any of the wonderful information in them? Not a chance!!!

So during a discussion with other quilters this dilemma presented itself. I will spend a couple of days trying out different solutions and attempt to come up with one that I can live with.

The first solution comes from YouTube. In this video Grace Brook suggests Rubbermaid Plastic Edge Magazine Holder. You slip your magazine over the piece of plastic and then insert it into a binder. This looks like a really good idea to start so maybe I will try it.

Cost effective and seems to answer some of the problems. Only thing is – What to do with all of the binders?

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Karen Dennison
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