My Quilting Magazine Storage Solution Now

From – June 18, 2010

For the series of articles on Fabric storage I saved my system for the last as the best suggested awesome way to store all of your quilting fabric. For a few magazine storage articles, my storage solution come in the beginning because I think that as a system it leaves much to be desired.

I have a row of those plastic (even designer ones that cost more) magazine holders. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Even in the beginning my collection of information overwhelmed the row of racks. A year and a half into gathering more magazines, you can’t even see the original containers with the stacks of magazines in front of them.

When I was gathering pictures and idea for a home remodel (which I still plan to do someday) I cut out lots of pictures and placed them into notebooks. I could see that applying this technique to my quilting magazines would result in my never being able to ever access the information again as it would be lost in the myriad of notebooks that take up even more space.

I think that the solution I am looking for will end up being a digital one that provides an answer to the space issue and solves the search-ability problem I have. And it will hopefully allow me to donate a lot of expense subscriptions to a school or other place where quilters are learning our art.

In the mean time, here is kind of what I am doing now.

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