How to Find Free Basic Quilting Patterns Online

basic-quilt-patternsThroughout history, women had shaped their community with designs, patterns and experiences related to quilting. It is their way to engage with other people without accusing them of wasting their time. Not only did they use quilting as a social tool, they also created crafts out of small off-cuts to sell in the market.

Today, there is a present quilting community that can be reached by anyone even if they are afar. With the use of Internet, beginners and experts in the field of quilting used to share their own knowledge and experiences on how to make basic quilt patterns. Videos and written tutorials are now the best tools to help people who are starting in this niche. One of the online quilting communities that you can interact with is the Online Quilting Membership site. This free to sign up website welcomes you into a community of both beginners and experts in quilting. Links for libraries, and instructional videos are also available in the site. Click here to see some of those libraries.

What to Look for in a Quilting Site?

  1. Free patterns. If you are just starting out your own quilt projects, you need to look for a site with free quilt samples. There are numerous sites in Google when you type in the keyword, “free quilting patterns”. Some of those sites have categories on it like holiday quilts and basic quilting patterns. You could find quilt blocks that are good for seasons like “Christmas quilt pattern” and “Halloween quilt pattern”.  Any quilt patterns on the site are good as long as they are free.

Below is a free basic quilting pattern. Watch this video and make your first quilting project!

2.  Forum. “No man is an island”. This popular quotation pertains to all people of any kind. Quilting alone is boring and will not help you come up with the best masterpiece. You must be with someone who will help you in some ways. A site with forum groups people and discuss to them common questions people are asking for. In a quilting community, the usual topics are basic quilting patterns, best quilting sites and quilt shows and events. Forum will help you get an idea on what to write if you are blogger. While you’re a beginner in quilting, this is a good place for you to read step by step instructions in quilt blocks and view video links.

There are a lot of other factors you need to consider when looking for a site to subscribe and follow through. Aside from things mentioned above, you can get a lot more quilting ideas here.

If it has helped you in any way, please share this post to others and let me know what things you’d like me to write about. You can comment on the form below this article. Thank you and Happy Quilting.

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