Avoiding the Christmas Sewing Time Stress

There is never enough time in the best of circumstances.  The holidays just take that “too much to do, too little time” mantra to the extreme.

I try to not have too much last minute stress around the holidays.  As my children read that last line they will laugh.  I am always trying to finish up at the last minute, but I do try.

I think that a couple of considerations are in order.  Are thing due early.  Even though Christmas is always on December 25th, will some of the gifts need to be finished, wrapped and on their way early?

I will be seeing people for Thanksgiving that I will not see for Christmas.  It would be nice to deliver their gifts to them then, and avoid the mails.

Mailing gifts also takes a bit of pre-planning.  Not only do I need to get Christmas presents in the mail in time to be delivered to the recipients by Christmas, but if they are going somewhere else, the gifts need to arrive before the intended receivers leave for their holiday destinations.

To achieve all of this, it is necessary to also know and plan for the supplies all arriving in time.  This is just as true for the materials you are going out to purchase locally as for the stuff you order online.

And actually finishing up early allows you to enjoy a much less stressful holiday season.  Or so I’ve been told.

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