How Much Fabric is Necessary for My Christmas Sewing?

When I know how many of each item I am sewing, I work on the materials lists.  I am currently about half way through figuring out what each piece is going to take in reference to fabric, time and other materials.

Sometimes by making multiples from the same fabrics, I will use less materials per piece than if I only did one.  It will be difficult to figure that reduction into the overall needs, but I will probably just have leftovers.

“My scrap bag is almost empty and I need more scraps to put into it.” Said no quilter, ever!

I will also have to consider whether the same supplies can be used in different Christmas sewing projects.  I am sewing pillowcases and earbud cases.  I will be able to use some of the same fabrics for both groups of gifts.

All in all, this process is a guessing game at best.  The key is to buy too much, rather than too little.

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