Taking Stash Inventory

A quick, or not so quick, search through my stash of fabrics with my Christmas gift list in hand, allows me to inventory what I will be using that I already have, versus what I will have to buy.

The criteria I have for determining what I have to go out for is whether or not what I have matches with what I want.  As I fabric shop with people I sew for in mind, I generally have quite a bit on hand.

Is the material I have perfectly matched to what I had in mind for that specific person?  If not, do I have designs that I can substitute in?

When I can’t find something in my own personal quilt shop, I will have to go out to buy something.

If I could get away with doing all of my Christmas sewing straight from my stash, my husband would think he was in heaven.  Reality is much grimmer for him.

But, not for me!  I get to go fabric shopping!

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