Two Important Sewing Machine Tools

Have always have 2 tools ready by my sewing machine. That is not exactly true, I have a whole pile of tools there. But the 2 sewing machine tools are a regular, high quality 1 to 2 inch paintbrush and a little bottle of sewing machine oil. They give me a sense of security like a blankie I drag around.

I truly depend on my machine and have noticed that it only gives out on me when I am in a crunch situation and need it badly. Because I now have several machines that I can switch between makes me more comfortable, but, my regular cleaning and oiling help even more.

Paintbrush to clean sewing machine

Paintbrush to clean sewing machine

The paintbrush is the best solution I have come up with for that oily, lint in under and around the bobbin case. And it gives a quick dusting to the outer case of the machine as well. A couple of times per project, when I change or reload the bobbin, I just swish that paintbrush over, in and under the machine and it is so quick and easy.

Oil Your Sewing Machine Regularly

Oil Your Sewing Machine Regularly

And just after whatever project I am working on finishes, I take my oil pen and oil the machine as per the manufacture’s instructions. These little oil pens are perfect. They are a great size with a sharp needle nose that reaches everywhere.

It is a really good habit to get into and it makes major repairs to your machine less necessary. And if you keep both of these tools next to your machine while you are sewing, you are more likely to remember.

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