Rethinking Perfect Quilt Blocks

I have been writing about the balance between perfectionism and it really is “good enough”. I still fall on the – “do the best job you can while still having fun” point on that continuum.

However, it is important to consider one other factor, the use of the quilt. Quilting should be fun. Piecing should be fun. Creating should be fun and if that is all you are trying to accomplish, then the outcome really doesn’t matter.

But, if you are giving a gift, or making a competition quilt, or even donating to charity, your work should reflect a certain amount of care and effort and quality.

It’s good enough because I tried (not really, but let’s pretend I did) is an attitude that is so prevalent. Progressing through life in a perpetual state of OCD isn’t good for anyone in the vicinity. On the other hand, pride in your workmanship, real workmanship is something to be admired and applauded.

So, I try really hard to make sure that the points all match and that there are not puckers and that blocks and quilt tops are squared up. Good enough is good enough when the situation warrants it. But throughout life, the habit of excellence is a good one to foster. and join the free membership for ideas.

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