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Every week, there are new stories to tell about quilting. Recently, the Southern California Association of Quilt Shop Owners had its annual quilt run from Thursday through Sunday and lasted for two weekends. Also in my years of quilting career, I had been through a lot of beautiful quilting designs. I love the color and design of every quilting block I made and look at from my quilting friends. But what is new in making a quilt pattern nowadays. What is the different of quilting before and quilting now?

  1. Quilting pattern today is an opportunity to learn new methods of quilting.

I love quilting and what’s new? The quilt pattern that teaches me something new whether the designer use an old quilt tool or technique as long as it is new design, then its good!

Comfortable. This is what I’m looking for in a quilt pattern. If you find a pattern that is easy to quilt and makes you fun while quilting, it’s a perfect quilt for YOU.

2. You don’t have to finish all of the quilts in a day.

Christmas-holiday-quilt-table-runnerJust like in any activities, there is a time to rest. You don’t need to pressure yourself to finish a bunch of quilts in an hour or in a day. It would be tiring and only takes it away the essence of quilting which is to make every quilters fun and enjoy while quilting.

I recently quilt a holiday table runner and its available now on my site. http://onlinequiltingclassesmembership.ning.com/.

You can check this out. It’s free. I never done this in just a day. It takes few days until I finish it and I’m happy while quilting this table runner. What is my point? Make sure you are happy with what you do. Enjoy quilting.

3. New quilting videos.

Quilting-DVD-coverI already finish my first DVD about basic quilting patterns. I’m excited to launch it in the market. Here is the DVD cover.



If it has helped you in any way, please share this post to others and let me know what things you’d like me to write about. You can comment on the form below this article. Thank you and Happy Quilting.

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