Using Up My Quilting Stash

A few years ago I gave up buying fabric for Lent. It was difficult. Toward the end of the 40 days, I was forced to cannibalize other projects. However, it did give me pause about the mountains of fabric that I wasn’t using.

I have always had difficulty using the “nice” stuff. I think that it was my mother’s influence. Moms are always the easy ones to blame. She saved all of the fancy stuff for special occasions. There just never seemed to be enough of those occasions to actually use it much.

Whatever the reason, fabric that I purchased because I loved it, sits waiting for that perfect project. And, those project never come, they just are not special enough. My Lenten discipline caused me to have to dip into the fabric that I was saving because I couldn’t go out and purchase “regular” material.

Quilt Fabric Stash

Quilt Fabric Stash

It was fun (although a little stressful) to use up designs I had been saving for a while. And I really enjoyed going through drawers of material that I had all but forgotten in my saving.

I am not cured of my desire to not use the good china (or fabric) for regular occasions, but I am working on it. And I am bound and determined to shop from my stash more and more.

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