The Christmas Gift Brain Challenge

Coming up with Christmas gift ideas is challenging.  There are several criteria for making the list of gift possibilities; price, attractiveness, how labor intensive, etc.

Because my list is long, I need to start the process early.  However, looking for the right idea is a never-ending situation.

I am looking all year long for that spark of inspiration that gives me that inner sense of satisfaction.  I am happy knowing what my plans are for the (eventually) coming holiday season.

This year, I found the idea of the embroidered Grandma Quotes.  I knew that they would not be something I could use for everyone.

I also knew that they would make perfect gifts for certain special people in my life.

It happens like that.  I am stressed that my imagination has taken a holiday.  Then, suddenly, it hits me in a flash.

Now if I can think of what to do for the other 57 people!

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