Start Quilting With The Best Equipment

The art of quilting is making a comeback. Instead of being something that “my grandma used to do” it is becoming a mainstay in the modern and contemporary art world.

It, of course has always been a necessity in the world of baby cribs and cold winter nights. So, are you up for a challenge?

Do you like working with your hands?

Do you want to offer your children and grandchildren something they can cherish that can outlast you?

Do you love colors and textures?

A yes answer to these questions means that you have the right mindset and that means that you are 75% of the way there. Now on to the nuts and bolts (and bolts and bolts and bolts – of fabric!)

There are tools that you will need. A friend of mine is in to the sewing everything by hand movement that is sweeping the country. If that is your choice, all you need is a needle, thread, fabric and scissors. I am more incline towards the machine version of quilting.

Image 1A good, reliable sewing machine is your first priority. There are lots of machines to be had. The general rule of thumb is that you get the best sewing machine that you can afford. That can mean spending $10 to $10,000 on your equipment. If you are truly starting from scratch, I would look at used machines. There are garage sales, estate sales, eBay, sewing forums and groups, local quilt shops, etc.

I can’t stress enough how a good, reliable, well functioning sewing machine will do more than any other single factor to ensure your enjoyment of quilting. Machine frustration is avoidable. All it takes is getting the best. That piece of equipment may be used or new, but get the best you can!

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