So Much Quilting Fabric To Choose From

Fom – June 28, 2010

Choosing fabric for your quilt pattern is sometimes a challenge. The first problem is that there are so many beautiful fabrics to select from. I spend so much time just perusing the rows and rows of bolts at any quilt shop.

If you have already chosen a quilt pattern the choices are narrowed. But if not, this is how I pick my next quilt fabric.

I see something that I want to work with, just one piece that will be my focal fabric. I know that the choices are extensive, but for now, just pick one. Then I need to choose a pattern. That decision will be decided by the purpose of the quilt project but it must be able to show off the focal fabric well.

With quilt pattern in hand, I see what coordinating fabric is needed. Noting how many other fabrics are necessary, I look over the other fabrics made by the manufacturer in that particular line. I pick out what I want to use from them but don’t limit myself to just those options.

I look at the colors in the focal fabric and pick a few out. If there is fabric with a similar style and theme in one of those colors, it gets considered. The color dots along the selvage are also a great guide. It gives you a sample of the colors used that are separated out and easy to see. There are sometimes surprising colors on the selvage that I had not noticed in the patterns.

A coordinating fabric does not have to match one of the colors used in the focal fabric perfectly. A color that is the same tone but maybe lighter or darker might set off the focal fabric very well.

Practice experimenting with fabrics and colors will give you a good experience, confidence and courage to reach out beyond what is presented as coordinating choices and often results in a much more beautiful outcome.

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Karen Dennison
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