Quilting Tools for Christmas

The art of quilting has been a tradition since then and it evokes memories of a deceased loved one; it had been a way for many to use threads as a binding tool for families from time to time. A quilt maker has a choice of quilting by hand or using any of the following quilting tools. I have tested using these quilting tools and now, recommending them to you so you will be able to come up with a masterpiece quilt block.

Fons and Porter Mechanical Fabric Pencil, White

Quilting Tools for ChristmasFeaturing strong ceramic 0.9mm white lead: specially formulated for dark fabrics and made from water soluble dyes. Package contains one pencil with a soft grip for comfort and ten leads in a reusable storage tube. Dark and white refill leads are available separately. Imported. If you want to purchase this tool, click here.



“This pencil works great. The marks are nice and sharp. It erases much better than the Sewline Mechanical Fabric Pencil Pink version. However, this doesn’t feel as good as the Sewline version in my hand. I also wish it came in more colors. You’ll never want to use a plain marking pencil again.”

By Nujoi

Omnigrid Invisible Grip Roll, 12-1/2 by 36- Inch

Quilting Tool for ChristmasOmnigrid Invisi-Grip is a clear, non-slip material that is applied to the underside of rulers, cutting mats and templates. Invisi-Grip keeps your ruler from slipping and sliding. Simply cut to size, peel off carrier paper and apply to ruler. Removes easily without leaving a residue. Roll measures 12-1/2 by 36-inch. If you want to purchase this tool, click here.



“I had tried the little rubber adhesive backed feet and the sandpaper dots, but I was still searching for the perfect solution to the slippery backs of the quilting rulers. For me, this doesn’t seem to be it. In a class I took 2 or 3 years ago our instructor told us about this product and how wonderful it is. I bought two packages to make sure I had enough to cover the backs of all my rulers–I have more rulers than I really need. The application didn’t go quite as smoothly as the instructions indicated. It just didn’t want to stick to some of the rulers (all of which were the same Omnigrid brand). It is supposed to work on the principle of static cling, I guess, but I ended up having to dampen some of the rulers to make this product stick. There is no adhesive involved. This is a plus when it comes to removal if you decide not to keep it on your rulers–no sticky backs–but then, maybe that would be the solution I am looking for.”

by J. Olsen

Omnigrid Glow Line Tape, Pink/Orange/Yellow

Quilting Tools for ChristmasOmnigrid Glow-Line Transparent Tape is makes it easy to find measurements and shapes, especially when rotary cutting repetitive pieces. It’s easy to use! You can use either underneath or on top of Invisi-Grip. Includes 3 colors; Pink, Orange, and Yellow, that all show up on all fabrics. Do you want to purchase this? Click here.




“I am very happy with the Glow Line Tape. I have used it on a Shape Cut ruler. In order to be sure I am cutting the right width, I have marked all the 2-inch slits with one color, all the 2.5-inch slits with another color, and all the 3-inch slits with the third color. This product saves a lot of confusion and wasted fabric. I like that I can reuse strips of the tape by moving them from one place on the ruler to another without it losing its ability to adher to a plastic ruler. When I first unrolled a piece of tape, it looked too faded, but when placed on the ruler it was easy to see and to distinguish from the other colors.”

by Powers

Creating your own quilt block is easy and fast through the use of quilting tools.

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