Quilting Doesn’t Have to Be So Expensive

Jan 11, 2010

Economy, economy, economy!  That is what we keep hearing and feeling.  So what about our quilting?  It can be a very expensive hobby.  The quilt top costs, the batting costs and the backing costs.  And don’t get me started on all of the tools, toys and gadgets.

So I came across this YouTube video talking about how to save money on this wonderful art form.  The suggestions are obvious and just common sense.  Often, however we need to be reminded of the obvious.  There seems to be an indication that there are other money saving hints out on another video.  If you want to search on the maker of this video you might be able to find more suggestions

The main purpose for bringing this up is to refocus on the possibilities that exist out there for saving.  Whether we shop wisely or recycle or become involved in trading groups, we do have options.  And we can also be reminded that American quilting has strong roots in frugality.  All of the cool toys and new shiny stuff is fun and we should treat ourselves, but, as the Gee’s Bend quilters illustrate, our art doesn’t have to cost a lot.

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Karen Dennison
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