Proper Fabric Storage Will Protect Your Investment

From – Jan 21, 2010

On the second day of Fabric Storage week I found this video for another way to protect and yet display fabric. Keeping fabrics out of direct light is important. There are two ways that light damages fabric.
First is the obvious result. Light will fade colors. Because of folds and different angles that the light hits a particular piece, not only will the colors fade, but they will do so at different rates. How frustrating to pull out that wonderful piece that you have been saving for just that special project, only to find that it is ruined by light.

The second type of damage that light causes is at a molecular level. I don’t have the ability, or the interest to explain this process. All we need to understand that light (natural or artificial) causes a breakdown of the fibers. The heavier the fabric, the longer it takes for this damage to manifest, but the breakdown is occurring.
So storage is not only a matter o
f being able to find what you want, when you want it. And, that is an important aspect in fabric storage. It is also a matter of protecting your investment.

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Karen Dennison
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