My Sewing Organization – Why I have 8 Seam Rippers

January 3, 2011

For years my children heard me complaining about where that stupid seam ripper was. My sewing space was mostly on the dining room table. On and around the table were piles and containers of fabric and accessories. Nothing was ordered and because there was no storage facilities, JoAnn’s bags or various boxes with whatever belonged to any particular project became the de facto method of organization. This resulted in a mess and in a complete waste of money. When I could not find my seam ripper I would have to toddle off to the store to pick up another.

Even with my extremely limited amount of space, I still could have utilized that space better. For me it began with a large fishing tackle boxes. I pulled out all of the bags and boxes I had stuffed into all of the nooks and crannies of my house and garage and sorted through to find all of lost the accessories.

The good news is that I will never have to buy another seam ripper as long as I live. Nor will I ever need to buy elastic. I found more tape measures than I am willing to fess up to. Because all of it is in one place and I know where that place is, I have the ability to be able to find the tool I need rather than have to run to the store to buy it, yet again. As silly as it sounds, fishing tackle boxes gave me a glimpse into what was possible for my sewing. They were easy to put away into a closet that I had cleared out for that purpose and they were organized, neat and usable.

To be truly effective, inspirational and workable, my sewing room, -area, -corner, -shelf or –closet needed to be designated for that purpose. How much more fun sewing is when I don’t have to play hide and seek with all of my stuff first.

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This video has even more organizing tips. Thanks Creative Organizer.


Karen Dennison
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