Folding Fabric is an Essential Part of Fabric Storage

From – Jan 22, 2010

No matter how much storage you have for your fabric, if it is not folded and presented well, you are not going to be able to see what you have. I have a book that I really like entitled Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space: Sewing-Room Makeovers for Any Space and Any Budget, by Lois L. Hallock. I bought my copy at my local quilt shop but it is also available at Amazon.

There are lots of tips for setting up sewing room so that you have an easy work environment. But, the reason I am including this recommendation in Fabric Storage Week is the section on fabric folding. Well folded material will make your stash easier to see, to find and to use. It will also result in a better use of space. Nicely folded fabric take up less space than a bundle or material that is folded in different sized packages.

The premise is that using a system for folding will make your fabric storage better. I also found this video on the same subject. Check it out.

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Karen Dennison
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