Fabulous Quilts Start One Block At A Time

Have you ever looked at the intricate design of other people’s quilts and wished you could make something as beautiful? Or maybe you think it’s too hard and too time consuming to join all the individual pieces of fabric together in the right way? Have you tried making patchwork quilts in the past and been frustrated by wasted fabric, results that look wrong and no one to ask when you have a problem?

I want you to know that many of those amazingly complicated quilt patterns that you see are created from just a few basic building blocks. Just like a wall is created by placing the bricks in exactly the right patterns, so a huge bedspread quilt is created by piecing together a number of basic quilt building blocks in the right order. Once you have the tools you need and know the technique involved, it really does becomes quite simple.

So you might also be asking how does one go about finding the tools, learning the techniques and finding the support they need to enjoy a solid foundation in quilt design? Of course there are lots of resources available online and through classes, but I wanted to help you cut through the information clutter. I have recently released my DVD called “Building Blocks for Quilts – Volume 1”. It provides comprehensive yet affordable instruction on the fundamentals of quilt design that you can access from your own home!

To learn how you can benefit from this instructional DVD, please visit http://equiltblock.com/

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