Easy, Perfectly Mitered Corners for Your Quilt Top Every Time

From – June 26, 2010

I was editing videos for the 9 Patch Stepping Stones Quilt Top Pattern and Lesson yesterday. I pulled up the second to last video which was the lesson on mitered corners and thought I would share. This is my method for mitered corners and it results in perfect corners every time.

It takes some care, a good fine marking implement and most importantly – finding that exact point that all of the stitches radiate from. Finding that point and sewing a straight line are the only skills required and they are easily learned.

The corners go pretty fast and before you know it, you have all four corners mitered and finished and looking great.

And mitered corners always look so much fancier on your beautifully finished quilt top design. (smile!)

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Karen Dennison
Learn, Grow, Share – And most of all – Create!

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