Cleaning My Sewing Room

From – June 27, 2010

I am not now, nor will I ever be a good (or even adequate) housekeeper. I would rather be creating a quilt design. I would rather be rummaging through beautiful fabric. And I would much rather be sewing up a gorgeous new quilt pattern.

But, when the corners, where I have containers or bolts of fabric or whatever start creeping out towards the middle of the room, it is time to focus for a few minutes on where to put everything so that there is some sanity.

If one were to look at my stash, they would be impressed with the organization. An inspection of my threads (quilting, tatting, embroidery) you will find them neat, organized, well protected and accessible. My finished quilt tops are nicely folded and stored under my quilting frame. My rulers are where they are supposed to be. So, on a micro level, I rock. On a macro level, however, OMG!!!

This post comes with no actual pictures and no video of my space. Why? Because I would never show anyone what I am talking about. So part of today will be straightening up my work space.
Today is about sorting through it all and determining how to fit (______________________) this much stuff into (___) this much space.

Wish me luck.

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Karen Dennison
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