Balancing Good Enough

Once you have a good pattern and the proper instruction, the quality of your product is all in your own hands.

Diligence is the key.  There is a fine line between “good enough”, shoddy workmanship and crazy making compulsion. You must decide where you fall on that continuum.

No one wants to receive a gift that is not well made.  The quality of the materials used and the diligence of the person making the gift are the important elements.

If your attitude is that you tried and that is all that should count, you probably aren’t making gifts that are well appreciated and anticipated.

If you are making yourself and everyone around you nuts because everything is not exactly perfect, you aren’t enjoying the process and you will never be able to be proud of your creations.




The key is balance.  Every line will never be exactly the way it is supposed to be.  Every item will have some flaws.  That is part of the charm of hand made gifts.  But, they have to measure up to an acceptable standard.  Hence the word – balance.

Have you found your balance?  Sometimes it is necessary to rip a seam or two and start over.  Sometimes it isn’t worth the extra time and effort.  Extremes in either direction are not beneficial.

Make sure good enough is really good enough from all perspectives.

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