2014 Christmas Sewing Challenge

100 Days until Christmas!!!

We are starting out 2014 Christmas Sewing challenge. Join us as we get more done, get it done on time and have fun supporting each other in our quest.

If you aren’t a member of Online Quilting Classes, join for free and get started.

Click Here To Come Sew With Us!

Instructions for members for playing the game:

1. Go to My Page in the Navigation bar in our Ning community

To start the Christmas SewingChallenge

To start the Christmas SewingChallenge

2. Create Blog Post
Include the following:
Here is my goal:
Here are the steps needed to accomplish my goal:
What I need to succeed:
Share a picture of where you are at now – perhap your fabric? Your squares? Your empty hands?

3. Publish your post.

4. THEN – review 3-5 other members Christmas Challenge Goals and comment.

5. THEN – check back in weekly or as often as you would like to post updates, share your successes, and cheer each other on!

We LOVE seeing photos and short videos of your project!

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